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Various Events, 2010 to 2003

Russ and Cindy Henk, Easter brunch 2010 hostsThe Henks, Easter brunch 2010 hosts
Easter egg hunt 2010Easter egg hunt 2010
Stations of the Cross, Good Friday 2010Stations of the Cross, Good Friday 2010
Witness for the Innocents, November 2, 2009Witness of the Innocents, November 2, 2009

Flutist Sue Wells at Witness for the InnocentsFlutist Sue Wells at Witness of the Innocents (noncombatants killed by war)

Women's luncheon, October 10, 2009
More women lunching
Fr. Earl's art show, October 4, 2009... way to feeding the flock

Grammy winner Becky Hobbs, Senior Warden Bobbie Quillen, Fr. Larry HoferWith Grammy Award nominee Becky Hobbs, August 2009

Sabbatical luncheon, May 2009
Fr. Earl waxing eloquent at sabbatical luncheon
Bobbie Quillen & littler cherubs, Christmas 2008
St. Paul's, Christmas 2008
The altar, Christmas 2008

Serving, Christmas 2008

Blessing backpacks (& students!), 2007

Back-to-School Luncheon, 2007
Randy Ramirez inspires on the pipes
Sermon feedback from Nancy at coffee hour?

St. Elizabeth pays a visit on Christmas Eve 2006

Family Christmas Eve service, 2006

Transitioning from Advent to Christmas, 2006
Feast of St. Francis, 2006

Jen & Eli, Jean, Dan & Earl: St. Paul's team at the 2006 AIDS Walk

Kyle and Hannah praying, not dozing, one hopes...
Hispanic hosts commissioned, Whitsunday 2006

Our Haitian guests sing, Whitsunday 2006
Parish youth present Earl with a stole they made, May 28, 2006
Youth Group vs. Men's Group bowling, 2005

Acolyte Festival, 2005

Youth Group presents a gift to Habitat for Humanity
Spring Concert 2005 to benefit Tsunami victims
Easter 2005

St. Paul's Bell Choir

Field trip to Goose Bay, 2005

Lock-in 2005 -- raising consciousness about world hunger
Feast of St. Francis, 2004

Fun Night, 2004

Church picnic 2004Church picnic, 2004

At the beach, 2004

Rock-a-thon, 2004
Yardwork, 2004

St. Paul's birthday cake
Christmas 2003

Feast of St. Francis, 2003
Church picnic, 2003
Having fun at Trapp Pond, 2003
Sand Castle Contest, 2003

Acolyte Festival, 2003

Episcopal Appalachian Ministries, 2006
(Repairing homes in southwestern Virginia)

St. Paul's team at Grace House

Chris Bennett with host family
Fred Dean with caulk gun
Dan Goebel with host-homeowner
Cindy Henk helping cut materials

Corey Marshall-Steele with host's grandson
Doug Marshall-Steele measuring for a cut
Karen Persuhn at work
Bill Whelen with concert singer
Grace House concert


Episcopal Appalachian Ministries, 2005 
(Repairing homes in southwestern Virginia)


Episcopal Appalachian Ministries, 2004 
(Repairing homes in southwestern Virginia)